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ClimatePalooza 2014

Connecting scientists, scholars, policy makers, and the public to change the way we understand and discuss climate issues.


The below is our initial attempt to group together courses across the university that include climate change in their course catalog description or syllabus. We recognize this is an incomplete list and ask you to please contact us with courses we should add to — or remove from — this page.

Annenberg School For Communication and Journalism

  • JOUR-440 Environmental Journalism (Pryor)
  • JOUR-460 Social Responsibility of the News Media (Seib)
  • Center on Public Diplomacy
    • PUBD-515 Transnational Diplomacy and Global Security (Wiseman)

School of International Relations

  • IR-305 Managing New Global Challenges (Peet)
  • IR-323 Politics of Global Environment (Gibson)
  • IR-422 Ecological Security and Global (Gibson)
  • IR-444 Issues and Theories in Global Society (Cakirer)

School of Cinematic Arts – Institute for Multimedia Literacy

  • IML-420 New Media for Social Change (Callahan)

Department of Earth Sciences

  • GEOL-525 The Science of Climate Change (Stott)
  • GEOL-412 Oceans, Climate, and the Environment (Feakins)
  • GEOL-150L Climate Change (Emile-Geay)
  • GEOL-108Lg Crises of a Planet (Davis)
  • GEOG-360 Environmental Disasters (McKenzie)
  • GEOG-257g Environment and Ethics (McKenzie)

Price School of Public Policy

  • PPDE-660 Environmental Policy Design and Analysis (Rose)
  • PPDE-632 Sustainable Cities (Vos)
  • PPD-461 Sustainable Communities, Policy and Planning (Platkin)
  • PPD-478 Social Innovations (Flores)

Department of Sociology

  • SOCI-150gm Social Problems (Hays)

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