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How can climate scientists better communicate their work to the public? by Ben Sullivan

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My serious answers are:

  1. Elbow your way onto Letterman, Leno, Conan etc. by any means necessary
  2. Create a web site that shows, with humor, clay models of various towns, villages, ports, cities, etc. and the effect of rising tides. Pointedly low-tech. Like a Playdough port of Long Beach in a fish tank where only the tallest cranes remain dry, and all the Fischer Price workers are up to their waists in water. Live cam 24/7.
  3. Pass all communiqués through the Rudolf Flesch readability analyzer. Every single one.
  4. Create a kick -ass children’s toy and accompanying video game. Seriously, make this a fundraising activity and sink some $millions into the development. Anything half-baked will suck, but a compelling one will be great. Enlist the gamemakers themselves as evangelists.
  5. Get the NRA on your side: Heat and flooding are bad for hunting (though good for the rat snake, apparently). Scientists and gunners share a problem.
  6. Keeping with the spirit on 5. Above, have the head of the NSF discuss with the NFL and beer companies whether they see a role for themselves in any of this.
  7. Get behind thorium nukes in a big way and tell the public why.
  8. Get conservatives to see this as a moral issue via one-on-one dialogues between, say, university presidents (department chairs, etc.) and local deacons, rotary clubs, etc. Have a script.

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