About The Earth Sciences Communication Initiative

Connecting scientists, scholars, policy makers, and the public to change the way we understand and discuss climate issues.

“How can we increase the articulation and the understanding of the world we live in and the problems and opportunities of communication? When we think about communication, we are looking at the everyday, transforming the everyday, and making the everyday more accessible. We have the potential to bring into birth the separate discourses that we share to create something that is open to the future.”

G. Thomas Goodnight; Professor, Director of Doctoral Studies (USC Annenberg)

The Earth Sciences Communication Initiative (ESCI) was formed at USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism to help clarify discourse on climate issues. We foster connections between scientists, scholars, policy makers and the public to increase understanding, clarify essential questions of fact, policy, and values, and improve the conduct of public debates on climate and earth science issues.

We meet every Wednesday at 12pm in ASC 225. If you would like to be placed on our mailing list, please contact

Our focus is on the role of the public in being collective, participatory, and educated about the many factors that influence climate policies: social, political, anthropological, economic, scientific/technical, technological, psychological, agricultural, military/security, ethical, rhetorical, epistemological, ontological, historical, geo-political, religious, and arts/creative, among others. We hope to serve as a forum where citizens, journalists, and scientists can meet, share stories, and describe opportunities for engagement. You can read more about our focus on citizen science here.


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